PROEMIO - Novello da Cabernet - Friuli Grave DOC

Production zone: alluvial plain in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, west zone of
Friuli Grave Doc appellation, municipalities of Porcia and Azzano Decimo.
Grape variety: 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Cabernet Franc.
Die Weinberge: spur cordon training system, 4.000 vines per hectare, yield 100 ql/Ha.
Harvest period: IV week of september / I week of october.
Vinification: Carbonic maceration: whole grape bunches are carefully
placed in steel fermentation tanks in oxygen-free environment; during
this period which lasts approximately for 2 weeks, an intra-cellular
fermentation takes place within each (still intact) berry, a process that
coaxes out all of the varietal aromatic qualities. Finally, the grapes are
pressed and the must undergoes a fermentation at controlled temperature.
this kind of winemaking permits to obtain Die Weine, marked by an intense
and youthful fruitiness, ready for release within few weeks after harvest
and is ready to drink.
Alcohol content:12% by vol.
Aging potential: to be drunk immediately or to savour it in all its
fragrance, recommended drinking is within 1 year of release.
Colour: brilliant and deep purplish red.
Nose: intense and varied, rich of fruity notes. We can distinguish hints of
red fruits, especially raspberry, blueberry and cherry with hints of violet.
Palate: soft, fresh, harmonious, fragrant and extremely fruity.
Food pairing: works well with autumnal dishes based on mushrooms,
cheese and vegetables. Excellent with chestnuts.
Serving temperature: ideal at 14-16°c.

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