Landscape Conservation: at Porcia our wine cellar is been constructed taking in account to have only positive impacts on the surrounding landscape, integrated harmoniously into nature with local canons of rural architecture.

Protection of flora and fauna: grass between the rows to ensure the life of the micro fauna and to provide a refuge for hares and squirrels.

Renewable energy: the large production of biomass, mainly resulting from the pruning of vineyards is in part used for our processes.

Water conservation: our vineyards need no irrigation, even in the driest years.
Water purification: significant investments made for the biological treatment plant to discharge water with parameters below the levels set by law and therefore managing better the environmental impact.

Differentiated collection management for recycling of materials: plastic and paper materials is send for recycling. Usage of recycled paper in our offices.

reusing glass means sustainable development, saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. The roots of our past paves our path into the future. We strongly believe that we can find solutions for future problems studying our past.
Energy saving: the reduction of waste and by-products is in the focus of everyone involved.

Photovoltaic system:
a part of the surface of the winery's roof is covered by solar panels in order to contribute reducing carbon dioxide emissions and thus reducing air pollution.
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