Medieval merchants had established on the banks of the River Noncello - Portus Naonis - to serve as a river port and, indeed, still today Pordenone has liveliness typical of the lands of passage, destination of travelers and adventurers, with a thick texture of different stories that are woven over the centuries and give us a living and wealthy town, promoter of important cultural and gastronomic events, ready to tell you about itself.


Pordenone vibrant city, sponsoring of important cultural events such as the:
1. Festival of the book with the authors, pordenonelegge.it in September.
2. Le Giornate del Cinema Muto in October.
3. Pordenone Wine Love in November.
4. San Simone Church, Prata di Pordenone.
5. Villa Correr Dolfin, Porcia.
6. Villa Manin, Passariano.
7. The Noncello River, Park of great environmental value and landscape in Pordenone.
8. Cathedral of S. Marco, Pordenone.
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