San Simone was born in Friuli by a family that has always believed in the extraordinary enological potential of its land and has nearly a hundred years of experience in wine-making. Four generations: a story full of dynamic and resolute characters. These were the abilities of our great-grandfather and founder Gino Brisotto, who in the beginning of the last century with our great grandmother Olga, gave the first decisive impulse to the activity later followed by our grandparents, Antonio and Angela with perseverance and confidence to strengthened it.
Which was later handed over to our parents, Gino and Liviana, convinced that to grow and improve we must be always open to change, which gave birth to a new production project: San Simone. An adventure that started from the historical Brisotto cellars at Prata to Porcia in the new cellar where the company accelerated its pace on the road to quality. A project that aims to handle with care even a minimum detail, from the vineyard to the bottle.
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