Production zone: hills of Conegliano and Vittoro Veneto in the province of Treviso and in the municipality of Porcia, locality Rondover.
Grape Variety: 100% Glera.
Vineyards: guyot training system, 4.000 plants per hectare, yield 110 ql/Ha
Harvest period: I/II week of September.
Vinification: crushing, destemming and gentle pressing, white
fermentation for 10 day in stainless steel tanks thermo-controlled
(16-18°C), aging in stainless steel vats waiting for the sparkling process.
Sparkling process: second fermentation in pressurized tanks
for about 20 days at controlled temperature (14-16°C) until reaching 2.5
bar of pressure; at the end of fermentation the wine refines in contact
with the yeast deposited at the bottom of the autoclave; followed by
racking, refrigeration and filtration before the isobaric bottling.
Alcohol content: 10,5% by vol.
Aging potential: to be drunk immediately to enjoy the freshness
or to be kept for 1-2 years.
Colour: pale straw-yellow colour with greenish hints.
Nose: fruity with delicate notes of white peach and pear, slightly citrus
aroma with nuances of lemon.
Palate: fresh and light supported by an acidity that enhances the
freshness; slightly sweet in the finish with delicate hints of bitter almond.
Food pairing: ideal with appetizers and first course, it is also
excellent as an aperitif.
Serving temperature: ideal at 6-8 ° C.



Wines with tantalising bubbles, they offer pleasantness and simplicity.  It is targeted to the young generation and to the people who have just started their passionate journey. It reflects their dynamic personality. Thanking the usual fermentation in the pressure tanks, the Frizzante Prosecco Doc is well balanced with the fragrance of grape aromas and the delicate carbon dioxide, in a union that gives it a great freshness.
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