Family and values

The story of San Simone is linked to the territory. At Rondover, between Prata and Porcia, in the most western part of Doc Friuli Grave and central part of DOC Prosecco, the company San Simone is the result of winemaking tradition and culture of our family, which is engaged in the business of wine grower for four generations. We chose the name San Simone for our wines and wine cellar in the memory of our origins. The very first and historic headquarter was in fact situated in via San Simone, Prata, opposite the fourteenth century church devoted to San Simone, where our great-grandfather decided to began his activity which is now been converted into a family residence.
Many changes have taken place over time.
But one thing which has not changed is our value system. Values: responsibility towards the reality in which we work, passion for work and transparency in our working system. These are the values which are timeless.

Were Valuable yesterday.
Are Valuable today.
and Will be Valuable even tomorrow.
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