Focused viticulture 

In the vineyards, we find large differences in the vegetative behaviour of the vines depending from area to area, and thus the grapes are the direct expressions of these differences with different characteristics, even in the same plot. In this context it becomes essential to develop techniques and methods, permitting, in particular, the development and vegetative production of vines and their variation in years. The study of the vine areas takes indisputable importance when you intend to produce quality wines that are “unique” as they express their identity by characteristics of soil and soul of the vine.

Monitoring with infrared sensors provides deep knowledge about the diversities in the vineyard and enables optimal management of viticulture and winemaking operations. It is an integrated project, which embodies the idea of combining technological innovation and technical/scientific expertise in the wine industry, to enhance the concept of identity of the vine-wine pairing, therefore, to get to the vinification techniques aimed at maximizing the features of enological identities.

sustainable viticulture 

It is not to be understood only as environmental protection, but as a “style” rediscovered.

We concentrate our efforts on a sustainable productive approach to grow grapes in order to produce wines of quality and great expressive force, which transmit the most important features of our territory.
The objective is to balance the measures that are conscious viticulture that foresees continuous monitoring of the plants, their meticulous and constant care to guarantee excellent ventilation, and phytosanitary protection of the grapes clusters. The pest management involving insecticides takes place only in case of extreme necessity, whereas preferring something that is less risky with a low environmental impact.

The fundamentals are common sense and cutting-edge knowledge, i.e. appropriately developing farming practices that are also environmentally friendly.

We practice only mechanical processing on the row, we only use organic fertilizers with the agronomic technique of green manure on an alternating row with traditional grassing.

In 2020 some vineyards and the winery were certified according to the production method by the Biological Control and Certification Body (BIOS).