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Il Concerto

Careful processing of Glera grape defines Il Concerto, signature Prosecco DOC from Friuli region deriving all its intense and varied flavor softly insisting on the palate with hints of unripe apple and white peach featuring slight bitter hint. Rigorous vinification in the procedure and an important sparkling wine that goes through the refermentation of the base wine in an autoclave for about 30 days at a constant temperature of 14 ° C-16 ° C provide this exquisite organic Prosecco with unmatched articulated fragrance ranging from fresh citrus and golden apple up to wildflower honey. This DOC Brut Prosecco from Friuli will perfectly suit various gastronomic contexts including steamed or baked crustaceans, seafood, fish risotto, the couscous of shrimp and zucchini but also pizza and Asian dishes with bittersweet shades.


We produce Il Concerto Prosecco Doc Brut for over 35 years. Its definitive features remain same fresh, fruity and fragrant. Over time, this Friulian Prosecco grew from small 200 ml, 375 ml and 750 ml formats to large 1.5l, 3l and 6l bottles.