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Coming from the alluvial soil of western Friuli in the heart of the Prosecco Doc area rich in limestone, sandy, and clay elements, Perlae Naonis is an iconic example of Italian Prosecco Millesimato – destemmed, softly pressed, drawn off, decanted, and fermented in steel for 8-10 days at a temperature of 16 °C-18 °C. After the slow re-fermentation in the pressurized tanks and the long aging on the lees, this oenological gem from North-East Italy shows an enchanting bright-straw yellow color, releasing a full and round taste that pleasantly persists on the palate.


Created to celebrate our 35 years of Prosecco production, Perlae Naonis releases a bouquet of intriguing and fruity aromas from apple to pear, from apricot to citrus, interlaced with floral notes of wisteria and rose. Produced entirely from the Glera grape, this Prosecco Millesimato was born to remind the Friulian origins of the grape, as already evidenced in Roman times by Pliny. The iconic municipality of Prosecco near Trieste translates its iconic taste in Perlae Naonis throughout the region of Veneto.