Wine making is an art in itself but not just any kind of art.
It is an art which does not require only know-how but also loads of passion, love, sacrifice, patience, sensitivity and fantasy.
It is essential to have a solid tradition and strong enological culture.This art cannot be merely learned, it is something innate.
It is an emotion, and like everything that springs from the heart, it becomes a light for the mind, a scent and an enthusiasm for the life through the transformation of the grapes into wine.

Chiara, Anna e Antonio

Per dare vita al vino occorre un’arte.
Non una qualsiasi. Occorrono pazienza, conoscenza, passione, sensibilità, fantasia.
Occorrono tradizione e cultura enologica.
Non è solo un’arte che si apprende.
Nasce da dentro e, come ogni cosa che scaturisce da cuore, diventa luce per la mente, profumo e slancio per la vita tramite la trasformazione dell’uva in vino.

Chiara, Anna e Antonio

San Simone: its history is linked to the territory.

In Friuli-Venezia Giulia, at Rondover, between Prata and Porcia,
in the most western part of Doc Friuli Grave
and heart of Doc Prosecco.

We like and enjoy associating wines with people: when we perceive an iron will behind a sweet smile, we think of Friulano, and when we see severity and closure but a great personality it reminds us of Refosco; immediacy, simplicity, and freshness … Pinot Grigio; elegance, sobriety, and caliber remind us of Chardonnay. It’s just a game. A game in which the power of wine comes into full view: it can measure a man but at the same time makes all men equal, restoring to each their diversity.

Among all styles of wine, those that attract more for the charm and the atmosphere that they can create are certainly sparkling wines. The bubbles bring with them the value of sharing, of conviviality, of being together in an unpretentious and lively way. Their charm begins right in the cellar, where the sparkling process is a real and a sheer art. The sparkling is feminine, there are no doubts, and it influences in an incisive manner the discernment of the drinker.

As words are like wine:

they need to breathe and need time

so that the velvety voice may reveal

their final taste.

                                                             Luis Sepúlveda