We believe that nothing could be more riveting and appropriate than to interpret wine in the form of pleasure, acquiring its significance in the context of its territorial culture also through the people who contribute in giving it life.

There is always a strong connection between product, environment, and human affairs.

Chiara Brisotto

Wine is first and foremost a sentimental issue for me, which, as far as my company is concerned, means the bond with my father and my mother.
Their passion for work, love for the family, and a strong sense of responsibility are alive in me and daily this helps me to face the difficulties and to live with determination. By studying the classics I was able to understand the rigor of form and this allowed me to learn “in the field” that quality, for a producer, also means having the company accounts in order. This is the conditio sine qua non to achieve everything else and to ensure the company’s continuity over time.

Anna Brisotto

I love wine because it embodies the essence of my life at present, and each time it makes me recognize the sign of an origin. “With my senses and mind, just as it always is for beauty, I give way to memory, finding correspondences between nature and life’s experiences.”
What has always fascinated me about this work are the contrasts. You can enjoy moments of profound silence while walking along the rows of grapevines. The rhythms of life remain unchanged but are never the same. The other side of the coin is the market; chaotic, a whirlwind. Rushing for the winetastings, trade fairs, presentations in Italy and abroad. But we cannot deceive the time. We all need to be alone with ourselves, to find ourselves again.

Antonio Brisotto

We are talking much more about quality in the wine world, but quality is an abstract concept, not easy to define. Just what is the quality of a wine? As far I am concerned, quality is whatever provokes emotion in me. All of this can happen if there is passion for the product, ideal and cultural heritage handed down from father to son. But quality cannot be confined solely to the product. Quality is also protecting the terrain and righteousness in dealing with our customers, suppliers, and staff. It is foremost producing wines in the most environmentally friendly manner, respecting the vineyard ecosystem, where we must operate sustainably. Tackling this issue fills me with enthusiasm.


The history of San Simone is interconnected to the territory. In Friuli-Venezia Giulia, at Rondover, between Prata and Porcia, in the most western part of Doc Friuli Grave and at the heart of Doc Prosecco, the company San Simone is the result of tradition and enological culture of our family, which is engaged in the profession of winegrowers for four generations. We selected the name San Simone for our wines and wine cellar in the memory of our origins. The first and historic headquarters were in fact situated in street San Simone, Prata, opposite the fourteenth-century church devoted to Saint Simon, where our great-grandfather in the early 1900s gave the very first and decisive impulse to the activity which has been now converted into a family residence.

Many changes have taken place over time.

But one thing which has not changed is our value system: responsibility towards the reality in which we work, passion for our work, and transparency in our working system. These are the values that are timeless.

Were Valuable yesterday. And are Valuable today. Will be Valuable even tomorrow.



Producing quality wines following the entire production chain, from the vineyard to the bottle, respecting the raw material, identity, and territory, bringing to the world the culture of Italian style.



Manifesting the passion for our work by proposing “our” wine in the market, not only as “Made in Italy”, but also a wine produced from our vineyards that knows how to narrate about our land and our culture.