Green Project is simply an awareness of what we have been doing every day in our company for a long time in all the production phases, without ideologies or extremisms, animated by the desire to improve. Certain that we can always do more and that we are only at the beginning of a journey: a project, in fact. Common sense and social responsibility in the various processes: simply expose oneself to the genuineness of the correct agronomic and cellar practices, self-certifying one’s own doing, in order to guarantee the quality, contributing to environmental sustainability while respecting existing territorial balances.

Green Project is a set of actions, behaviours, and procedures that we put forward to contribute to the environmental sustainability of our business, respecting the existing territorial balances. It is only a segment of a broader concept of social responsibility that has always guided our family in defining its own line of direction: with maximum respect for the communities, in which our company operates, of suppliers, of consumers, of customers, of the territory, and of the local cultural heritage.