pordenone wanderlust


The medieval merchants had established the city on the banks of the River Noncello – Portus Naonis – to act as a river port and, in fact, still today Pordenone has the typical dynamism of the cities of transit, a destination for travellers and adventurers, with a dense plot of several stories that have become intertwined over the centuries and have given us a buoyant, opulent city, promoter of significant cultural and wine & culinary events.


Pordenone is a vibrant city and promoter of important cultural events such as:

  • Blues Festival in July
  • Book Festival with the authors “pordenonelegge.it” in September
  • The Mute Cinema Days in October
  • Pordenone with Love (to plan your trip)

Must see :

  • The church of San Simone in Prata di Pordenone
  • Villa Correr Dolfin in Porcia
  • The Noncello River, a river park of great environmental and landscape value in Pordenone
  • Villa Manin in Passariano
  • Cathedral of San Marco in Pordenone